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I would like to share with you an open source application I invented which I've been working on over one weekend for fun. It's a mini traffic light indicator I integrated with MS Communicator/Lync giving a visual indication on one's status in real-time. One objective of the application is to visually notify people to be a bit more quiet next to one's cubicle if they notice that he/she is busy (it can be pretty disturbing when a group chat next to one's cubicle while he/she is participating in a live-meeting or talking on the phone). Second, the application gives an indication if a person is participating in a meeting or just listening to music using his/her headset. Third, it allows to see if someone is in his/her cubicle from dozens of feet away.

A video explanation

The hardware

Please also take a look at Email Behavior Analyzer - it may be interesting to have some kind of a connection between emails and hardware. Just a thought...

Take a look also at Busylight.


Uri Kartoun

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